Tooth Fairy Pillows by Macaroon Kids

Losing your first tooth is a pretty big deal! Recently my 5 year old lost her first tooth and she finally got to use her ‘Macaroon Kids’ tooth fairy pillow – excited is an understatement. After setting up a whole fairy village, laying out her pillow and writing a letter to the tooth fairy she dozed off to sleep, no doubt dreaming of her friends, the fairies. In the morning excited little feet ran down the hall and “Mum! The tooth fairy came!!”. Tiny tooth gone and money in it’s place as well as a letter from the tooth fairy, whose name happens to be ‘Sparkels’. So now we have two tooth fairies that visit, Toothie (who visits my 7 year old) and Sparkles. Sparkles even wrote she and Toothie have discos together! They are my type of fairies!

The best thing about these ‘Macaroon Kids’ tooth fairy pillows is that they can hang around all year round. They look gorgeous and also remind kids that there’s always a bit of magic around 🙂

Tooth Fairy Pillows

macaroon kids tooth fairy pillow