Easter egg bags for the good old Easter egg hunt

Handmade Easter egg bags

I have rolled myself onto the couch after a day of pure pigginess. It is Easter Sunday and I am not good at moderation in the chocolate department. Added to my general pigginess, I have four children who get not only a visit from the Easter Bunny, but also have Aunties and Uncles and Grandparents – all of whom shower them Easter eggs. It adds up and I don’t want my children to overdose on chocolate (for more than one day anyway), so, as any good mother would, I help them with the eating.

The Easter Bunny always does an Easter egg hunt in the garden at our place. Every year the kids do a bit of Crafty McCrafterson and jazz up a bag with all sorts of loveliness. This year however, I thought I might sew some Easter egg bags that we can keep forever. I’m a big one on traditions and happy childhood memories and that often results in me making things in the dead of night – forcing myself to get them finished when in reality the kids couldn’t care less if they have fancy fabric bags or not. They’re not the most amazing things ever made, but they were made with love and chocolate in mind, so they will do.

Here are the finished Easter Egg Bags. They held up to the mammoth amount eggs on offer (Easter Bunny really needs to chill out a bit next year) and are now being used to store the many, many leftovers. I call them a success.

Easter Egg Hunt Bags

I’m not so great at explaining things, so here is a link to a great tutorial for a simple lined bag. Take these and add some ears and embroider a little face or sew on a felt applique and bam, Easter gag land!

Beginner Friendly Lined Tote Tutorial by Crafty Fingers