Kids Review Lapin and Me Woodland Doll

Woodland Dolls

Ok, here we go with our first ‘kids review’, on the chopping block is the ‘Lapin and Me Woodland Doll’. Let’s start with a little background on the kids. Two More Charlies is a family run business. My husband (Ben) is the web guy, I (Marion) do the rest of the stuff and my kids help me choose wonderful products from around the world and give them a test to make sure they are tippity tops. I have four little advisers and testers – Riley (7 years), Charlotte (5 years), William (3 years) and Thomas (1 year). Realistically these reviews are going to be very unbalanced – Charlotte does have a fairly large selection of girly things that she loves, Riley not so much, William is 3…. and Thomas, well he’s just turned 1, so if he can munch on it he’s happy.>

Charlotte – Yes! Riley – No William – Yes and no Thomas – Its ears are nice and chewy (I am interpreting of course)

What do you like about it?

Charlotte – It’s cute. It has a little tail like a bunny and it’s dressing like a mouse. Riley – Nothing
William – Nothing (someone is going through a ‘my big brother is king and I must copy everything he says and does phase’) Thomas – As I said before, it is chewy

How would you play with this doll?

Charlotte – I pretend it’s a baby because it looks like a baby. It looks nice in my room and I like that little bow. Riley – You can twist it’s head around (true dinks that).
William -Nothing Thomas – Chewy!

Who would like this toy?

Charlotte – Everybody! Riley – Nobody (have I mentioned that we really only care about Charlotte’s answers?)
William – Charlotte (indeed she does!) Thomas – I like it, give it back! (once again, interpreting)

How many stars out of 5 do you give the doll?

Charlotte – 100! Riley – 1
William – 1 million thousand million (impressive) Thomas – I have five teeth, so it is only fitting that I give a star for each too – 5/5!

So, there is our first kids review. As mentioned, we should only ever pay attention to Charlotte’s reviews. Our Lapin and Me Woodland Dolls can be found on our website.