A Little Lovely Company

A little lovely company

A Little Lovely Company

Lovely by name and lovely by nature. How we love our Little Lovely products! What a wonderful world we live in when I can order products from the other side of the world, in this case The Netherlands and have them in my hot little hands within days. The arrival of little lovely products always excites our house and is met with “Aw, I really wish I could have one of these…Mum when do you think you would like me to model for you again?” from my six year old business savvy model who accepts payment in the form of “pretty things”. Cute, colourful and happy are the words that I feel best sum up the range.

The night lights give enough light to help with that tricky night time feed when you’re in baby land. As your child grows it can help soothe little ones who need a comforting light and as they get older still, they can just be a gorgeous decorative item.

Bigger kids will love the money boxes. Saving your coins has never been so adorable! And coming soon will be paper garlands which are a simple way to add a dash of colour and fun to a room.

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