Sonny Angels Go Wild

Cactus Sonny Angel

Everybody loves the Japanese Kewpie Dolls, Sonny Angels. They’re fun to play with and look gorgeous on display, but be careful not to leave them on display for too long – if they’re not played with they may get bored and make their own fun! At our house, we have found our our little angels in all sorts of places….such as in the vegetable garden, playing board games, or climbing into handbags. They’re lucky they’re so cute! As cute as they look sitting on a shelf, I think it might be time for my 5 year old’s favourite Sonny Angel activity – a Sonny Angel picnic!

Sonny Angels Go Wild

Sonny Angels in-store now

At Two More Charlies, we have all the series of Sonny Angels currently available in store and expecting some limited editions throughout the year. I wonder if they’ll be as cheeky as their friends!

Coming in blind boxes, you choose the series you want and then it’s all a big surprise. In Animal Series 1-  will you get the leopard or perhaps the bunny? In the vegetable series, could it be a carrot or a tomato? With 12 dolls in each series and each of them as cute as the next you’re bound to get a little angel that you will love.


If you’d like to know more about the Sonny Angels range, please check out the official Sonny Angels page.